Boniface of Montferrat

Leader of the Fourth Crusade; an experienced soldier whose sense of honor is his greatest asset and most damning weakness


Lifepaths: Born Noble, Page, Squire, Knight, Count


Boniface I, Marquess of Montferrat, is a well-respected soldier and leader in Europe. In his youth, he spent much of his time rescuing damsels in distress. His daring escapades quickly gave him experience and renown. When Count Theobald III of Champagne, appointed leader of the Fourth Crusade, died suddenly in 1201 the pope immediately offered Boniface the position. Boniface accepted. His father and brother had both been crusaders.

Boniface’s father, William, was present at both the Second and Third Crusades, during the latter of which he was named liege-lord of Acre by King Richard I. According to the report Boniface was given, a lone man stole into William’s fortress and slew him in front of all his men, then proceeded to fight through the entire garrison and escape over the walls.

The following spring, after being named King of Jerusalem, Boniface’s brother Conrad was waylaid on the road by two men and killed. One of the men was captured and, upon being tortured, claimed that Richard had ordered both William and Conrad killed. Boniface never believed this; despite their frequent disagreements, Richard valued both men too highly to have them killed.

Boniface of Montferrat

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