Enrico Dandolo

The ancient, blind Doge of Venice; a ruthless schemer with nigh-limitless resources.


The son of a powerful Venetian jurist, Enrico Dandolo never lacked for anything… except primacy. His father and uncle both lived uncannily long lives, so Enrico did not come into his full fortune and inheritance until he was in his sixties. Until that point, his most influential post had been that of an overseer of the trade between Venice and Byzantium. This position, however, cost him dearly; after an attempt of his to smuggle goods out of Constantinople was found out, the emperor’s soldiers attacked the Venetian ships docked in the city. Dandolo returned to Venice with his life, but without the use of his eyes.

Since then, Dandolo has had a deep and abiding hatred for the Byzantines. Since becoming Doge, he has used his influence as a primary trading partner of Byzantium to weaken and undermine the empire. When he was approached by crusader agents about the use of the Venetian navy in the Fourth Crusade, Dandolo leaped at the chance. Having a reputation as a pious man, Dandolo became one of the crusade’s staunchest supporters.

Conveniently enough for the Doge, now a venerable man of ninety, the crusaders racked up a considerable debt to both his person and his city. Additionally, he has gained the trust of the would-be emperor, young Alexios. With leverage over the largest army in Europe and a boy with a claim to the throne, Enrico has the power to bring the Byzantine empire to its knees.

Enrico Dandolo

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