Theodore Laskaris

A nobleman determined to see Byzantium and its people through the hardships to come.


Lifepaths: Born Noble, Lord, Justicar, Captain


Born to a lesser house, Theodore’s marriage to the Emperor’s daughter Anna quickly saw his status in the empire rise. Despite his significant political and military clout, he remains one man in the face of overwhelming corruption, neglect and incompetence.

Theodore believes wholeheartedly in the contract between noble and commoner; the commoner works to support his lord, and in return the lord sees that the commoner is free of fear and hunger. As such, he is well-respected by the people. However, though his lofty ideals have gained the respect of some of his peers, still others would rather see his opinions silenced.

Upon learning of the approaching crusaders, Laskaris has set about to mustering the fragments of the Byzantine army, including spending a good portion of his own money to hire mercenary companies to defend the city.

Theodore Laskaris

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