Prince Alexios

The young son of the deposed emperor, Isaac II Angelos


Lifepaths: Born Noble, Gaol, Merchant

Perception B5, Will B3, Agility B4, Speed B5, Power B3, Forte B4 Health B3, Mortal Wound B9, Reflexes B4, Steel B3

Skills: Accounting B2, Gaol-wise B3, Haggling B2, Lord-wise B3, Ratiquette B3, Read B2, Stealthy B3, Sword B2

Traits: Involuntary Shudders, Mark of Privelege, Claustrophobic

Circles B1 Resources B1

Relationships: Isaac II Angelos, deposed Emperor of Byzantium (father), Alexios III Angelos, current emperor (enemy) Reputation: Prince-in-exile of Byzantium (2D) Gear: Clothes, Shoes, Travelling Gear

Tolerances: Superficial B3, Light B5, Midi B6, Severe B7, Traumatic B8, Mortal B9

Beliefs: I will reclaim the throne of Byzantium, as is my birthright; My youth will not prevent others from taking me seriously, for I am the prince; The people of Constantinople will cheer upon my return. Instincts: Always avoid places without bright light; If attacked, escape at all costs and get backup


Born to the purple, Alexios had little chance to enjoy the fruits of his position. When his uncle usurped the throne, the child prince was thrown in prison, though he escaped Isaac’s fate and kept his eyes intact.

Help came in the form of two merchants in the employ of Alexios’s cousin, Philip of Swabia. The German lord had hired the men to break Alexios out of prison and bring him to safety. Since then, Alexios has stayed at his cousin’s side, catching up on the education and training denied him during his time in prison.

Upon hearing of Philip’s involvement in the upcoming crusade, Alexios asked to meet with Boniface of Montferrat, the crusade’s leader. Together, the three approached the pope with a proposal; if the crusader army restored Alexios to the Byzantine throne, Alexios would work to close the rift between the Catholic and Orthodox churches. The pope, appalled at the thought of his crusaders attacking a Christian city, refused.

Fortunately for Alexios, events conspired to bring the crusaders far from their intended target, and with Venetian backing the young prince now rides with the Army of the Cross to reclaim his throne.

Barely twenty and having spent much of his youth in prison, Alexios is naive in the extreme. He fully believes that the people of Constantinople will welcome him as a liberator, when the truth is that his would-be subjects are hardly aware of his existence. He has made grand promises to Boniface and to the Doge of Venice, offering great rewards for their service to “his” empire. He has grown apart from Philip of late, seeing his cousin’s frequent words of caution as attempts to hold him back from reclaiming his legacy. Instead, he takes to heart the flattery and platitudes of Enrico Dandolo, promising more and more to the aged Doge for his insight and assistance.

Prince Alexios

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