Hidden Blade

The trademark weapon of the Assassins


Old Design – Run-of-the-Mill

Power 1 Add 1 Speed Fast VAStriking Distance Shortest

An old-design Hidden Blade requires the removal of the ring finger on the hand in which it is used.

New Design – Superior

Power 1 Add 1 Speed Fast VA 1 Striking Distance Shortest

A new-design Hidden Blade may be used as a parrying blade, providing a 1D shield.


The Hidden Blade is worn as a bracer, and conceals (as one would expect) a long, sharp blade which can be extended and retracted with a flick of a finger.

The earliest known version of the blade is a no-frills affair which requires the removal of the user’s ring finger; the blade extends through the resulting gap. It is no use in combat, as it is designed to deliver a single lethal blow to an unarmored area of the body; the impact of a proper sword would irreparably damage the blade.

In the last few years, however, Altair has made modifications to the original design; chief among these is a reinforcing plate which allows the bracer to parry incoming blows. The plate is made of an unknown metal, lighter and stronger than steel. Altair has remained silent on the nature of the metal. The blade itself has also been reinforced, to the point where it functions as a close-range melee weapon able to punch through steel plate.

There are other designs in the works, but only a few of each exist and they are still being tested. Altair and Malik plan to have these prototypes field-tested by the various cells scattered across the world.

Hidden Blade

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