Staff of Eden

One of the mysterious Pieces of Eden


The Staff has, and as such grants its bearer, the Gifted trait and the Sorcery Skill at W3, and allows him or her to cast the following Spells:

Blessed Hands, Cat’s Eye, Chaos Ward, Delirium Tremens, The Fear, Firewalker, Fish Lung, Horror, Lights of St. Andrew, Low Speech, Mage Light, Mend, Phantasmagoria, Sarch’s Glare, Sight of the Eagle, Thunderclap, Turn Aside the Blade, Valor, Voice Caster, Waterwalker, Wave, Wisdom of the Ancients, Wyrd Light

Additionally, the Statue of Athena in the Principal Forum of Constantinople was designed to interact with the Staff, which briefly passed through the hands of the classical Greek sculptor Phidias. When placed in the crook of Athena’s arm, where here spear should be, the statue appears to animate, allowing brief and hazy communication with Minerva, One Who Came Before. Minerva will insist that the Staff be returned with all haste to the Vault (in Rome), where it will await the coming of the Prophet.


It is said that Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity after seeing a vision of the Cross, which led him to victory. In truth, it was his discovery of the Staff of Eden which made Constantine the legendary Emperor of Rome. The last time this particular artifact had appeared in history, the Red Sea was parted by its wielder, Moses. The Staff was Constantine’s most closely-guarded secret, and it would have been forgotten if not for the emperor’s deathbed confession.

Constantine’s baptizer, Eusebius of Nicomedia, was a member of the organization that would become the Templars. Constantine, hoping to return the Staff to the “angels” at the Vault as he had promised them, trusted the Staff to Eusebius, asking the Archbishop to bring the treasure to Rome. Naturally, Eusebius did nothing of the sort, using the Staff to fuel his rise to power. He died suddenly and mysteriously at the height of his power, in 342. The Staff disappeared the same night.

Staff of Eden

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